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It is our earnest desire to assist individuals and families by providing Bible based, centered teachings, education and social economic guidance. We believe in challenging church members to excellence in vision and practice concerning personal discipleship, academics, fiscal responsibility, wholesome living and world outreach. Furthermore, it is our desire to empower them with meaningful responsibility and a sense of proactive commitment. Due Season is a holistic ministry which is to be expressed both individually and within the community.  

We believe that we can assist individuals and families in the community by providing an educational center, daycare, food programs and other related programs of community interest. We plan to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all avenues that area availed to us.  We plan to expand Due Season at its outreach and impact through word of mouth, electronic and printed media.

We believe that by focusing on this quest, we can assist individuals and families on the path toward total spiritual and mental health, financial growth and general well being.  Though we may initiate programs which are culturally and social economically relevant, our goal is always to keep our focus upon the Glory of God and the very real personage of Jesus Christ.